At Last, We Have Discovered My Superpower

December 2, 2006 @ 12:53 pm | Filed under:

"Mommy, you’re magic. Whenever you say, ‘Go to the bathroom,’ I really do have to go!"

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  1. Avatar

    Bridget Galbraith says:

    Your children are much more magnanimous than mine. Mine will be sitting there going and going, yet continue telling me they don’t have to go.

  2. Avatar

    willa says:

    My 3yo is amazed by my powers in this area too. When I ask him if he has to go, he says, “Do I????”

  3. Avatar

    Becca says:

    umm, that’s quite the comment! Wow. Anyway, cool superpower! I need some of that. Mine are forever asking to go minutes after we leave the house.

  4. Avatar

    Jeanne says:

    I like the tee shirt for nursing moms that says, “I make milk. What’s your Superpower?”

  5. Avatar

    Kelly says:

    Too funny! Thanks for sharing. Those kidlets say the funniest things.