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March 16, 2011 @ 7:35 pm | Filed under: Links

My mind is on Japan tonight. (Also Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, but that’s a different discussion, and I very seldom enter that kind of discussion online anymore. Tone of voice is too important.)

Anyway, a few links to share:

Direct Relief for Japan – WWdN: In Exile

“I think it’s reasonable for a lot of people to have Disaster Fatigue right now, as we watch disaster after disaster strike all over the world. But like LeVar Burton said on Twitter, we have to fight Disaster Fatigue and do what we can to help.”

Direct Relief

We wait, we watch, we pray, we hope.

Updated Tuesday morning: Many more “how to help” links in this post at Geek Mom.

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  1. I rarely talk about politics. Tone of voice must be important because I didn’t think I said anything wrong about what is going on in WI, but a “friend” deleted me on Facebook. We had not yet met in person but had many common intersts. It’s too bad, really. So, now retreating to not talking about politics again…