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  1. At first I was going to make zoo animal jokes, but then I noticed the set to the shoulders, and I had a rather anxious sense that she was standing there contemplating the world and just exactly what she was going to do with it as soon as she has even a modicum of power in her hands.

  2. That girl somehow managed to wear three patterns, against each other and make it all match!?! Wow! She doesn’t wanna come give me lessons, does she? I have been trying to learn how to match patterns for some time now.

  3. How did she get so big? Where has the time gone?

  4. Carlie, full disclosure 😉 –the stripey shirt and polka-dotted skirt are actually a single dress. But she did add the heart-dotted leggings (which I think might really be pajama pants) and the spotted hair-bow. The matchymatchy is what made me snap the picture. She looked like a walking Valentine.

    (And then when I saw the shadows on the floor and the lines on the door, etc, I loved how it continued the whole stripes-and-dots thing and couldn’t resist posting!)

    @KC, her daddy’s a bit in denial about it, but can you believe she’ll be five next month?!

    @Sarah, LOL—she is indeed a child who stares down the world. Rather formidable, this one.