Yes, there is a new Penderwicks book!

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It seems I did not gloat loudly enough on that happy day last week when we received a copy of the new Penderwicks book, because when I shared a link to a radio interview with Jeanne Birdsall on Facebook today, there was a flurry of “I didn’t know!” replies.

So. In case you hadn’t heard: The Penderwicks at Point Mouette is out. I hear it’s wonderful. I haven’t read it yet, myself, because my wretched daughters snatched it out of the jiffy-mailer the moment it arrived, and there are so very many of them, these daughters of mine, that the Penderwick girls may well be off to college before I get my hands on this third installment of their adventures.

It’s funny…one of the best parts of motherhood, for me, has been getting to share my most beloved literary friends with my children. Laura and Mary, Betsy and Tacy, Anne Shirley, the Austins…you know my list. But the Penderwicks hold a particularly dear place in our hearts, because they are characters we met together, Jane, Rose, Beanie, and me, all at once, the very first time. When I wrote about beginning The Penderwicks as a read-aloud way back in December, 2005, I called the post “Seven Belly Laughs“—and that was describing my girls’ reaction to chapter one alone. “How exciting to know our friendship is only just beginning,” I wrote. How delightful to know they’ve returned for another visit!

Also by Jeanne Birdsall:

(A recent Rillabook, as you’ll recall.)

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  1. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Hooray! I met the Penderwicks through your site about two years ago, and it was love at first paragraph when I opened the book. We don’t have kids yet, so I can’t even claim I’m reading it “for the children” :-). Thanks for being an endless source of good reading recommendations.

  2. Avatar

    Kirstin says:

    Thank you! We love the Penderwicks!

  3. Avatar

    Mary G says:

    YOU are NOT nice, Miss Lissa! We haven’t gotten our copy yet … but we’re re-reading the other two in anticipation of our copy arriving ….

    LOVE the Penderwicks ’round these parts …

  4. Avatar

    Nancy Piccione says:

    I pre-ordered both the hardback and the Kindle edition of the Penderwicks way back in January, and then jealously saw Practical Mom review it last week! This way we can all enjoy it on multiple devices (but the hardback of course is the most prized), but as I wrote today, it will surely be the weekend or later before I can enjoy it. My girls are already diving in.

    What a great series. I see on Jeanne Birdsall’s blog that she expects to write 5 in the Penderwick series, and I hope many more of others. She’s a treasure.

  5. Avatar

    Sherry says:

    Unfair! I don’t even have a copy in the house. But I do have a bookstore gift card that my lovely daughter gave me for Mother’s Day, and now I know what to get with it.

  6. Avatar

    Penny says:

    We’re anxiously awaiting our copy – huzzah for the Penderwicks!

  7. Avatar

    Annette W says:

    Yay! My kids aren’t old enough for it, but I, at age 34, LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Avatar

    Lisa says:

    It’s been on my wishlist since the moment the pre-order came to Amazon. Can’t wait!

  9. Avatar

    coffeemamma says:

    Just received our pre-ordered book this week, and had to tuck it away without reading- it’s a 16th birthday present for Gracie. Her birthday’s not until the end of June. I swear when I walk into my bedroom the books is whispering to me from my nightstand drawer.

    _Reeeeeeeeead meeeeeeeee!_