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Quick survey about linksharing

May 31, 2011 @ 1:07 pm | Filed under: ,

Since my favorite thing about the internet is that it is one giant game of Show and Tell—you show me the neat stuff you’ve found, and I’ll show you the neat stuff I’ve found—I am perpetually pondering the best way to share things. I have this sort of hazily defined system for determining how to share a given link—whether in a post here on the blog, or via Facebook or Twitter or Google Reader or what. But I’m never sure what people actually prefer. (I’m sure it varies wildly.)

Well, anyway, I thought I’d ask. I’m interested in your general preference—i.e. where you, on the internet at large, prefer to encounter new links & are most likely to click through—as well as your preference regarding my shared links specifically.

For example, do you:

* like when I do a post here with links to three or four things that caught my interest (a la Delicious), perhaps with short notes about what made them jump out at me?

* prefer to check Google Reader Shared Items? (And if so, do you use the list in my blog sidebar, or do you read the “people you follow” section in your own Google Reader?)

* like when people share links on Facebook?

* hate when people share links on Facebook?

* keep as far away from Facebook as you possibly can?

* prefer linksharing on Twitter?

* deplore linksharing on Twitter?

* wonder why people like me are so doggone Twitterhappy in the first place?

* get annoyed when people pour their Twitter feeds into Facebook, so you’re stuck seeing each post twice?

* wonder if I’m overthinking this?

* subscribe to my Diigo feed (which was formerly my Delicious feed)?

* find yourself saying, Diigo huh?

* wonder if this post is a means of procrastinating some other task I ought to be doing, such as, to use a completely arbitrary example, tallying up my deductible expenses from the research trip so I won’t have to be plunged into hell come next April?

* need to break it to me gently that you skip over all that linky stuff, period, because let’s face it, you are coming here for book recommendations and/or pictures of bees?

Or, you know, none of the above. 😉 I’m just curious. And not procrastinating at ALL, no sir.