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Into the void, blather.

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Ohhh, Blogger-blogging friends, I miss you dearly. I hadn’t realized how MANY of you there are. My reader is woefully quiet this morning.

If only I had something interesting to say! Look at the opportunity I’m squandering—all those word-hungry readers out there refreshing and refreshing in vain! Now is the time for WordPress bloggers to speak and be heard!

Alas, I got nuthin’. That is, nothing I can dash off in a hurry for the morning-coffee crowd. I have all these enormously wordy posts languishing in my drafts file, the thinky ones, the long book-musings, the anecdotes-in-progress. But that doesn’t help right now, when all I’ve got are a few stolen moments between breakfast and “quiet painting time,” i.e. Rilla’s most frequently requested activity. Quiet being, of course, a relative term.

All I have time for now are tidbits. Jane devoured the entire eight+ years’ worth of Girl Genius archives in under a week, so I guess you could say it was a hit. I got a review copy of Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity in the mail, a new middle-grade graphic novel by Dave Roman, and Beanie was begging to read it even before the jiffy-bag-filler dust had settled. Later, when I thought she’d finished, I swiped it back—and was almost immediately hunted down: “Mom, PLEASE tell me when you’ve finished because I need to read it AGAIN.”

So, yeah, maybe today I can hide in a closet and read it by flashlight or something. These kids, man. I’m pretty sure Rose has hidden the new Penderwicks in her bed—the top bunk, a dread packrat’s lair where no mother’s eyes dare peep.

In other news, something is eating my sunflower seedlings. Eating them! This is unacceptable. They are the joy of my life. Well, I mean, one of them.

I’m posting this picture because his pose looks EXACTLY like a painting of a cherub (with lute, I believe? but cheek definitely resting on palm) that my friend Lisa has in her living room, and I’m hoping she will confirm with a photo.

In other other news, tomorrow is Scott’s & my 17th wedding anniversary. (Seventeen, right? 1994?) I had this plan to upload a bunch of photos but that means scanning, and scanning is boring. But my marriage is not. It is many things, but boring has never once been one of them. Good decision, marrying that guy. Good decision.

Tomorrow is also Rose and Beanie’s piano recital. Rose’s song is Music Box Dancer and Beanie is playing Bach’s Minuet in G, which, because I am a child of the 80s, will always and forever take me back to this:

Which tells you more about me than you ever wanted to know.