Sloppy Reporting

August 4, 2012 @ 2:19 pm | Filed under: , ,

Scott thinks I omitted the most riveting detail of yesterday’s racklenake encounter, which is that all those day camp kids I mentioned—and their counselors—were wearing pajamas.

I like the foreshadowing in this photo. He warmed up by climbing on the park’s non-poisonous reptiles before leaping over the venomous one.

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    MelanieB says:

    Pajama day at camp? Or just a very odd camp uniform? I agree with Scott.

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    Susan T. says:

    Pajama Day is big around here, for some reason. Jr. had Pajama Days from preschool through elementary school, including day camp. I was never crazy about them–you’d walk into the school and the whole staff would be in p.j.s, the third-grade teacher would be in a nightgown and robe, etc.

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    maria says:

    So a shame that the rattler did not know it was PJ Day at the park…..a rattle snake in a night cap sounds rather delightful. 😉

    Yeah, so odd. Especially when the adults also dress in their pjs. Just so odd. And not a little bit creepy as well to me.

    I for one am so very glad that pajama days were not a thing during my childhood. That just does not sound fun to me. Though we frequently have pj-days here at home, and I will take on any day of the week, I just really do not see the appeal of wearing my pjs elsewhere.

    Oooo, weirdes thing…..years ago our church had a PJ Sunday! I kid you not! We skipped that day and decided to have our own pj day at home. Something about seeing our pastor and other adults at church in their pj’s just did not seem quite, I dunno… was just all rather unsettling. So, odd.

    Now I do have fond memories of dress-up days in high school and our biology teacher dressed as a baby w/a huge bonnet and holding a teddy bear. LOL!

    Oh we humans are funny aren’t we. 😀

  4. Avatar

    maria says:

    (oh good grief…..I blame sleep deprivation for the above mis-spellings and such. Sorry. :\