My Stupid Streak Continues

April 12, 2006 @ 1:25 am | Filed under:

It seems I got the concepts of “on” and “off” confused while videotaping the neighborhood Easter egg hunt…Every time I thought I was turning the camera on to record, I was actually turning it off, and vice versa. Wound up with no footage at all of adorable children peering under bushes, but quite a lot footage of things upside down behind me—mostly neighbors’ bottoms. This ought to make me popular at the next homeowners’ meeting.

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  1. Elizabeth Foss says:

    LOL! The day before Katie was born, I took all the kids to watch Paddy play soccer. We loaded back into the van at the end of the game and I was so glad to be going home to put my feet up. About two miles down the road, my cell phone rang.. It was my mother-in-law. She had Paddy with her. I’d left him at the game! Luckily, they were there and so were half a dozen other people who would have taken him home. But I know everyone was wondering if I’d be competent enough to care for a newborn…

  2. Queen of Carrots says:

    My mother did the exact same thing filming us ice skating one time. And she wasn’t even pregnant. We watched that video for years.

  3. MaryBeth says:


  4. kristina says:

    Thanks for the giggle this morning!

  5. Karen E. says:

    Oh, you SO need to have this baby ….

  6. Karen says:

    Just blame it on pregnant brain. I do it all the time! It is the only excuse that no one can truly argue with! LOL

    Praying for you to deliver soon!

  7. Cay in La. says:

    How funny!

  8. Mary Beth Patnaude says:

    You deserve to be a little absent-minded. My baby’s 4 months old and I still have “baby brain fuzzies”. I’m thinking this will last fot at least 10 more years! Praying for you and your little one! (Maybe she wants to be born on Easter!)

  9. Steve the LLamabutchers says:

    Lissa–this is EXACTLY what YouTube was created for. Consider it an expose on the seedy, um, underside of the Ruburban life.

  10. Gem says:

    Oh, I did this at a trip to the local dairy farm. No cute pictures of the kids milking the cow or of their scrunched-up faces at the smell, but plenty of the back of the carseat on the way home, complete with me haranguing them on their behavior! That one was a lesson both on camera operation and how mommy’s mouth sounds when she’s being less than encouraging!!!