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If, say, you jokingly—really! no, no, not the least bit serious, and I do not protest too much, so just you hush—if you JOKINGLY published a request for chocolate at the bottom of a post, and it just so happened that you had the world’s very best friend who, as a JOKE hahahaha, sent you a giant box of Godiva chocolates—Godiva DARK chocolates—Godiva, do you hear me? that’s no joke—and a week* later you realized you had eaten the ENTIRE box except for the two cappucino truffles you saved for your husband out of the vast generosity of your heart and because he was, after all, the one who suffered the broken toe, and also because you don’t care for cappucino—if that happened (that was the hypothetical, and here’s the question) would you then announce it to millions of people the world over (or, um, hundreds at least) on, say, your blog?

Just curious.

*where “week” = “five days”

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  1. Maria says:

    ummmm. hypothetically…….no I don’t eat dark chocolate.

  2. Nancy Brown says:

    No. I would keep all of the incriminating evidence to myself and probably hide the box, too.

  3. Becky says:

    Just hypothetically of course but, erm, did it really take, hypothetically you understand, an entire week to polish off one box of chocolates? Just curious in a, um, hypothetical sense, you understand…

    (pssst…next time whisper “Debauve & Gallais” and you’ll be willing to shout misdeeds from the rooftop lol)

  4. xixi says:


    (not hypothetically)


  5. Jennie C. says:

    Hmmm. A week? No, I’d hide it. My DH has kept me in Godiva’s for five years now. I only ran out once, while he was deployed to Iraq. Once, he asked me how many I eat in a day, so he could figure out how often to repurchase.
    “On a good day?” I asked. “One.”
    “What about a bad day?” he wondered.
    “A bad day. Well, on a bad day…five or six.”
    The dark ones are the best, but I never, ever share!

  6. Anne Marie says:

    That’s what blogs are for.

    And you’re nursing. Eating chocolate is allowed. You need the calories and you’re helping Rilla develop a taste for the finer things of life.

  7. Karen E. says:

    Yes. And can I have the cappuccino?

  8. Elizabeth Foss says:

    If you were to post such a thing, then you’d have to bear the responsibility for starting a craving for cappucino truffles in a pregnant women slightly north of you. Hypothetically.

  9. Alice says:


    I’d probably eat all the chocolates–including the cappuccino ones–only it would take me less than 24 hours!!!

    Would I announce it to the masses?


  10. Danielle says:

    You know I would! Confession is good for the soul. And chocolate isn’t bad for it either.

  11. Mary Ellen Barrett says:

    Hypothetically I would keep it all to myself and not tell a soul. But, hypothetically of course, there might be a nightstand drawer in the Bonny Blue House filled with Snickers bars. So you can tell what kind of hypothetical chocoholic might live there.

  12. Cay says:

    No, I would never tell. Never in a million years.

    Like the time someone gave PawPaw a box of Turtles for his b-day and, due to his not being able to eat sweets, the box was handed to me to give to the kiddos.

    Somehow it ended up in my closet and somehow they disappeared slowly one by one…I guess it took a week. It was a delectable week. : )

    No, I would never tell. Never in a million years.

    ; )

  13. Brigid says:

    hypothetically, this discussion of Godiva could certainly appear on The Lilting House because chocolate definitely has an educational effect. 🙂

  14. Becky says:


    (not hypothetically)


    Because a week seems a ridiculously reasonable amount of time in which to consume a teeny tiny box of chocolates that have no doubt been calling one’s name insistently every day for seven long, long days…

  15. Beth says:

    Yes. Yes, I would. I would also, hypothetically, you understand, probably comment on the fact that it took me an entire week to consume one box. **thinks** There would probably have to be extenuating circumstances for that to occur. lol

    Hmm … I think a run to the chocolate shop down the street is in order for today …

  16. Kathryn says:

    If … hypothetically … someone should post such a thing on her blog, then I would feel obliged to try to track down the source of a t-shirt I saw recently and send the blogger one. Slogan: “I never met a chocolate I didn’t like!”

  17. Mary Beth Patnaude says:

    Wow, it lasted a week! I’d be hiding in shame, because I would have eaten the whole box in a matter of days (and I don’t know that my husband would’ve gotten the cappuchino ones)lol!

  18. Rebecca says:

    LOL! Congratulations on making it a full week! I would have inhaled them sooner like I did the Ghiradelli dark squares that were meant for Valentines day presents but never made it out of my van…

  19. KC says:

    Oh, my!! The post and the comments have me laughing!!! Nice to find such likeminded individuals. Hypothetically speaking, you could claim a chocolate high made you blog about it.

  20. Melissa Wiley says:

    Yes, it’s rather telling, isn’t it, that I’ve gotten more responses to this post than almost any other I’ve written! I seem to have touched a hypothetical nerve here!

  21. Steve the LLamabutcher says:

    Absolutely not. I’d leave it under one of the tables at the pool and blame it on those uncouth Old Fox Trail kids….