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June 14, 2006 @ 8:17 am | Filed under:

And it looks like fun.

Just this morning I was thinking with faint despair of my to-be-read list. Gregor the Overlander has to go back to the library today. I read two chapters and then Jane hijacked it, and I forgot about it for a week, and now someone else has it on hold so I can’t renew it. And I was thinking about how I’ll have to move it out of my “Currently Reading” Typelist but of course it can’t go to “Books I’ve Read” either, and it struck me that right now my most active booklist is the list of books I really want to read, intend to read, request from the library in order to read, stack on my nightstand hoping to read, and only occasionally manage actually to read.

So when I heard (from Becky, because I hadn’t made my daily visit to Liz’s blog yet) about the new Librarian’s Most Wanted blog, which will be devoted to discussion of what is on people’s to-be-read lists and why, I thought: Perfect.

I posted my short list not long ago, though of course it has grown since then. One addition: The Grapes of Wrath, because it has been over twenty years; because Scott and I watched Cinderella Man last week and it got me thinking about the Depression.

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  1. ~Dana~ says:

    Oooh we LOVED Gregor the Overlander–the same thing happened here, I was reading it and it vanished from my spot…a few days later I saw my 13 yr old son sprawled on the floor with it!