All Is Quiet on the Butterfly Front

June 19, 2006 @ 5:31 pm | Filed under:

After all the excitement last week, the past few days have been positively anticlimactic. And yet the suspense remains. Herodotus continues to chomp his greens, but…he isn’t growing. He has been the same smallish size for four or five days. Homer got big and fat very quickly, growing noticeably larger day by day until the day he fastened himself to the twig—the last happy day of his life, we melodramatic types are wont to call it.

Herodotus eats for much of the day, but he isn’t plumping up. The words failure to thrive whisper themselves in the back of my mind…

We wait and wait, and we’ll see.

Meanwhile, there is still no sign of The Monster, in any form. I’ve tried to find out how long his pupa stage might last, for surely that’s where he’s gone, right? If he has indeed made a cocoon of Homer’s body, it can’t be much longer now before he emerges as an adult wasp.

More waiting and seeing!

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  1. Beth says:

    Maybe you should supplement with, um, corn chips, maybe?