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Nope, I don’t mean what I used to dream of during my days as a waitress at Friendly’s. (Tangent: I was a TERRIBLE waitress. Spilled a lot of ice waters. Had to make three times as many trips back and forth to the kitchen as the other waitresses because I was too spaghetti-armed to carry a tray full of plates. The day I quit, I felt like Scarlett O’Hara: "As God is my witness, I will never wait tables again!" So of course I got married and had a bunch of younguns on whom I wait at table several times a day. And LIKE it. Go figure.)

No, what I’m talking about here (besides long-gone ice-cream-and-burger-schlepping days) is a Very Enticing Contest being held by Amanda at The Naked Ledger. She is offering a $50 gift card (your choice of vendor—the list is long) for the person who submits the best budgeting tip. The judge: her husband Dave. So pony up the advice, my dears. I know what a smart, frugal bunch you are.

I’m trying to think if I have any budgeting advice. Nope, it turns out I don’t. But I can advise you on excellent books to read about Fictional People Who Are Thrifty Yet Likeable. So if you hear of any contests offering prizes for that, please let me know.

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  1. KimC says:

    ummm…Fictional People Who Are Thrifty Yet Likeable???
    Please tell me you’re not talking about Martha and Charlotte?
    They’re real aren’t they? (can you see my eyes filling with tears as I ask?)

  2. Melissa Wiley says:

    Never fear! Yes indeed, Martha and Charlotte were real people. I even have a copy of Charlotte’s business advertisement from her local paper!

    No, I was thinking about characters like Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables. REALLY fictional people!