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August 29, 2006 @ 7:25 pm | Filed under:

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Tonight I had to run out after dinner to pick up milk for tomorrow’s breakfast. So there I am at the grocery store at 8 p.m. with my five kids, putting the necessities of life on the conveyor belt:

Ice Cream

(Scott had already restocked my supply of the Most Important Pantry Item of All, you remember.)

On the way home we passed a big old turtle on the side of the road. Whooooaaaa, the girls all exclaimed, and they chattered about it all the rest of the evening.

We are easily excited. Me, I didn’t even need the turtle. The ice cream was excitement enough.

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  1. mary mi says:

    um….lissa..you do know you’re married to an amazing person.

    He remembered your chocolate.
    Thats true TRUE love.