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December 8, 2006 @ 6:42 am | Filed under:

Such a yummy week in our kitchen. We tried Wisteria’s recipe again, the honey wheat bread, and it was our best attempt yet. Rose up so nice and light. Not long after we put the loaves in the oven, Jane peeked through the window and yelped in delight; the one in the loaf pan had risen even more, a lot more. We were really proud of that loaf!

The other one, though, we baked on the baking stone again, and I have to find out how to transfer a rustic loaf from the bowl it rises in to the baking stone without deflating it. That has happened every time. The bread tastes good but the crumb is much heavier and denser.

Next we tried Joann’s potato starter recipe. I think I overproofed on the second rise, because it has a really long rising time and I didn’t plan well when starting out. But the bread turned out okay, and we had it for dinner last night on panini sandwiches, which: SO GOOD. Goat cheese, arugula, and proscuitto on homemade bread…oh my!

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  1. beth says:

    I just tried this no-knead bread (link below also includes video and a link to the actual recipe). I thought of you and your bread experiments, as this is the craziest bread I have ever made. If you try it, use lots of flour, it is a sticky mess!

  2. CityMom says:

    This is a neat addition, thank you! Are there Christmas breads coming in our future?
    A seperate experience (and somewhat simpler) is also quick breads, which we love for tea time around here — I bake multiple loaves at a time because they freeze well, Danielle Beans pumpkin bread was a big hit this fall, and we are always making banana bread.
    Jan and Feb I think will be great times to bake here in the northeast, christmas cookies behind us and playground time still held at bay by the cold, we will check in and learn with you!