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What are your three favorite educational resources, and why?

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  1. Paula in MN says:

    I only have one, and that is the 4Real Forum. I get ideas for projects, book recommendations, worthwhile websites, and lots of support. I try to get all our books from the library or thrift stores, and I am always finding things for projects at garage sales!

  2. Momma says:

    My favorite resource has to be my personal library! I have collected most of the best children’s literature to have at home; without borrowing for the library (which always seems to cost me, no matter how careful we are!)!

    I am also pleased with Math-U-See. I have used it with all 5 schoolage Lambies with great results!

    Do E-Bay and Amazon count as a homeschooling resources? I love the treasure hunt for good prices on great things! Garage sales fit into this catagory, too!


  3. Theresa says:

    Definitely Google because I can find just about anything, the 4Real Learning board because of the wisdom and helpfulness of the ladies there, and my blogroll (can I count that as 1?)because of the inspiration.

  4. Liz in Australia says:

    Our local library: we usually have a huge swag of books out, fiction and non-fiction, kids and adult; and we go to storytime for the preschooler.

    My computer: not just because of google, although that’s a huge part of it, but also homeschooling e-groups, blogs and forums, and my huge collection of bookmarks.

    Our local homeschooling group: for providing an environment where we don’t feel so outside the norm!

  5. Karen E. says:

    Oh, no! Only three? Let’s see …

    I’m going to cheat by grouping things. 🙂

    1. *Books for Mom* — these either convinced me I could homeschool, or encouraged me through the first few years. I go back to them when I need support, renewed encouragement and refreshment. They include: Family Matters by David Guterson, the writings of John Holt, Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson’s Homeward Bound, Bergquist’s Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, Karen Andreola’s Charlotte Mason Companion and Elizabeth Foss’s Real Learning.

    2. *The Internet*
    This, of course, includes all of my favorite blogs, the 4Real discussion boards, Google, books online, Amazon/Bn.com, Half.com, and all of the amazing websites that offer ideas, reviews, curriculum, maps, reading lists, interactive activities, etc.

    3. *Literature* — Our curriculum is built around it. I don’t really purchase a lot of curriculum. It’s mainly, books, books, and more good books.

  6. Beth says:

    1- Literature for the whole family: from the public library, as well as personally owned.

    2- A home. This may sound odd, on the surface, but not having to stress about housing (and many families *do* have housing related stress) makes a huge difference in terms of being able to give our children a childhood rich in love, safety, and learning.

    3- Nature. The natural world offers an unparalled learning resource.

  7. Faith says:

    1) Other homeschooling moms. Those I know via the internet and those in my homeschooling group. They offer support, inspiration and friendship.

    2) I still love thumbing through catalogues. I keep a big stack in my bathroom! My favorites currently have been Seton, CHC, Rainbow Resource.

    3) The resource I have turned to most in the last two years, has been Mater Amabilis http://www.materamabilis.org. You can’t beat it for the book list!

  8. Meredith says:

    My Computer, the Library and the 4Real Forums!! I wouldn’t be able to home educate without any of them!!

  9. Helen (MaryVitamin) says:

    I would agree with all of the suggestions offered. But, if the question is understood as:

    What resources help me *to persevere* with homeschooling, I would answer,

    1. A realistic “schedule” or “good habits” or your great word “pegs” to establish a routine of learning including….

    2. intervals for prayer.

    3. and learning with my children.
    Lessons with a good sprinkling of subjects dear to my heart such as art, music and religion in addition to the more tedious lessons of reading and math. (Well, at least these are tedious for me.)

  10. Helen (MaryVitamin) says:

    I’m wondering if I just failed my essay question because I didn’t read the question right! 🙂

  11. patience says:

    1. The internet, for the community it gives me, for Google and Wikipedia, and for places like Project Baldwin and Project Gutenburg, without which we could not homeschool in the way we love best. I prefer these even to the library (which would be number 4 on my list) because it is almost impossible to get quality vintage literature from there these days.

    2. My own imagination. Without this, I could never see beyond the ordinary to give my child an unusual but exceptional life and education.

    3. The community. By this I mean the naturalists who welcome a child to their meetings, the shopkeepers and librarians and little old ladies on the street who chat to her, the professors who give up their precious time to answer her questions, the conservation groups who provide free resources, the councils who put on fairs, the cultural societies who share their lifestyle in public events, etc etc.

    Great idea for a thread!

  12. Maria says:

    library, google and my kitchen for baking….

  13. Amy says:

    Patience …
    Sonlight reading lists …
    Friends who have walked the path before me.