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Remember how y’all thought my water-spotted windows gave the nasturtiums photo a nice impressionist look?

Alli took it to the next level. I admit it: I would seriously hang this on my wall. Oh my goodness. She did a Van Gogh version too, and I’m totally torn.


I’ll never look at a dirty window the same way again.

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  1. patience says:

    Stunning. I’d hang that on my wall too.

  2. Jennifer says:

    You should have your children try and copy those – that would be a fun afternoon.

  3. Dell says:

    That is lovely! I’d hang it on my wall! I’d be going to winkflash to have an art print done of it.

    It is art!

  4. peacemom says:

    How beautiful! Are these just computer-adjusted versions of the original photo? I’ve seen software turn a photo into a watercolor painting, but how exactly did you achieve the above effects, especially the Van Gogh that Alli did?

  5. MelanieB says:

    Lovely! What an inspired idea.

    And I’d also like to know how Alli achieved those effects. Looks like it would be fun to play with.

  6. Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants says:

    Y’all make me blush. 😉

    It was really easy. I use a photoediting software program called -PhotoImpact Pro.

    It is a less expensive & a much easier program than Photoshop.

    Love, Alli

  7. Katie says:

    This is a great website. 🙂

    Lovely flowers shown in the original photo, the impressionist version and in the Van Gogh style – all very cheery and show off God’s glorious creation. Thank you for sharing them.