It’s Here! 30 Poets/30 Days!

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No foolin’—Gregory K. starts his month-long poetry fiesta with a bang: a brand-new, ne’er-before-seen poem by this country’s first Children’s Poet Laureate, the great Jack Prelutsky. You just gotta book on over and see!

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  1. Kay says:

    I wish I would have sat down to listen the day Anna wrote this poem. I listened to her read it to me as I walked around and did the things I thought I needed to do. That was yesterday. Today as I typed the poem into the computer for her…I sat down to listen as she read it to me again.
    I feel in love with my daughter again today!

    Happy Poetry Month!
    Thanks for the many happy trails you help us find.

    Spring Song By Anna (age 10)

    The First Very Spring Like Day is Today!

    Flowers bloom in such a wonderful way, today.
    The trees sway on the cool beautiful cay, today.
    The rose whispers, “Pick me. I’ll make your day, today.”
    Everyone wonders if it’s the month of May, today.

    The spring skirts says, “Wear me before I fray, today.”
    Spring horses are eating lots of hat, today.
    A man says, “Dance with me, I’ll make you sway, today.”
    You capture an elephant to see how much it weighs, today.

    You have to go to the Doctor to get an x-ray, today.
    Then you go right down to the subway, today.
    You forgot it was Jimmy’s birthday, today.
    You go outside to ask the plants a big survey, today.

    See a soccer game in instant replay, today.
    Your husband gives you a bouquet, today.
    You get a latte at the café, today.
    Your children have a big essay, today.

    Take a big day to relax in Norway, today.
    Make sure your dog knows to obey, today.
    You fill the ice tray, today.
    You pass a sign that says one way, today.

    You sit on the back porch and watch a blue jay, today.
    The first very spring like day is today!

  2. Yvonne says:

    Oh Kay, that is so beautifully sweet. Thanks for posting this link Melissa! A few weeks ago I knew about 30 days/30 poems,then forgot completely; but thanks to you I know about it again. We read poems every night at bedtime–can’t wait to share Jack Prelutsky’s funny little gem tonight.
    Have a Happy Poetry Month.

  3. Melissa Wiley says:

    Kay, how enchanting! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Anna is quite a talented girl. What beautiful phrases…this is so fresh and delightful. “…the cool beautiful cay…” and what spring skirts say: oh I love it!