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Stuff I’ve seen my kids reading recently:

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge

The Saturdays and other Melendy books by Elizabeth Enright.

175 Amazing Nature Experiments by G. Morgan. (Oh that’s just freaky. I went to Amazon to check on the exact title of this book; Beanie’s been carrying it around all week. I knew it was called something about nature experiments. When I found the right one and clicked on its page, Amazon informed me that “you purchased this item on July 13, 1999.” I don’t know what’s freakier: that Amazon knows my buying history so intimately, or that it was ten years ago that I bought that book.)

The Art Lesson by Tomie de Paola.

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald.

Peter Pan by James Barrie.

The Crochet Handbook.

Plus the usual assortment of Warriors books, Agatha Christie, Showcase Presents, and Muse magazine.

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  1. sarah says:

    It’s so amazing how fast time goes when you have children. Actually I’d say it’s *not fair* how fast time goes.

    Some great books there 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    We’ve just finished The Princess and the Goblin as a read-aloud with my almost-6 and almost-4 year old girls. They were utterly entranced with it. And thanks for reminding me about one of my own favourite books from childhood – The Little White Horse. I must dig that one out again!

  3. Sarah N. says:

    I’ve been meaning to get to the Saturdays as a read-alouds. We love nature experiments so I’ll have to check that one out. I’ll also be interested to see what Amazon knows about me next time I look something up 🙂

  4. Kathy says:

    Muse! I was one of the original subscribers and I was just thinking about subscribing again, even though I’m supposed to be too old or something silly like that. Question – When I have a family, can it be just like yours?

  5. Katie says:

    I have a question. I like to use yur blog as a “jumping off point” to find books for my chldren – Thanks for that, by the way!
    Anyhoo, I clicked onto Ambleside after seeing your entry about what Jane is reading and while looking over the booklist I saw something that interested me and I’m wondering if you’ve used it yet. Taking the advice of a college classmate who saw me struggling with the great books, I read “How to Read a Book” (lo, these many years). My son begins high school next year and I would love to read this with him. I don’t homeschool, so I don’t have the time that a homeschooler would give to his/her child. What I’m wondering is, what do I do with the reading of it? Is there a guide out there somewhere that can be used with this book, as a possible jumping off point for discussion? Thank you!!!!!

  6. Lisa says:

    Once again we have similar taste–and so do our daughters! My d and I are on the 3rd book of the Melendy quartet in the car. I am in LOVE with this family! “Princess in the Goblin,” read back when we first homeschooled in ’05-’06, is still a favorite of my d. That same year we listened to “Peter Pan” in the car and could totally relate to having a dog nanny since we always referred to our [now sadly in heaven] dog as our “babysitter.” We stalled somewhere in the first WARRIORS book–not sure why, I need to dig it up and get us going on it again as we were enjoying it.

  7. radmama says:

    We just discovered the Melendys! Read The Saturdays last month and both 10yo, 13yo, partner and I were entranced. Even though 30’s NYC is so far away, the adventures seem fresh.

    Waiting for the library to deliver book 2.:-)

    We stalled twice when trying to read
    Princess and the Goblin. Maybe we should try it again.

  8. Jessica says:

    The Art Lesson is one of our favorites–my husband is an artist and we can each identify with Tommy’s dilemma. “Real artists don’t copy.” Unless, of course, doing an “artist’s copy.” :o)