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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for the link about “Little Women.” I am reading “Little Men” at this time. I reread “Little Women” a few years ago and remembered how much I loved it. I am trying to read her other books. Why I didn’t read them years ago I have no idea. My daughter, who turns 7 this summer, read an abridged version recently and enjoyed it. What’s your (or others) opinion on reading such copies. Generally, I push the originals, but is there any harm in introduing children to classics this way? I read abridged versions and then read the originals later if I enjoyed the story. I may be asking a rhetorical question, knowing your response to your publisher’s decision to abridge your books. From a writer’s viewpoint, it may be insulting. I’ve never thought about that side of things.

  2. Amy C. says:

    My girls enjoyed the prairie dog story . . . we had a similar escape at our Columbus Zoo when they opened the markhor exhibit. Luckily the keepers were watching for it, and kept the poor beast from “escaping” into the tiger exhibit!

    Another link for you . . . I’d love your (and your readers’) thoughts on this one:

    Manhood for Amateurs: The Wilderness of Childhood