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  • I could kiss the guy who invented the rotisserie chicken. Except he was probably some hairy, unwashed caveman fella, so, um, maybe not. #
  • Um, but, but, WHY??? #
  • Matthew Lickona’s ALPHONSE may be the creepiest thing I’ve ever read. I mean that as a compliment. #
  • Baby is singing to me. OK, maybe it’s more like gargling. But still adorable. #
  • Yup, she’s my kid all right: “Mommy, I want some pizza crustses.” #
  • Boy, these farming games sure are good for math practice. Harvest Moon, Farmville, Farm Town. My kids keep running profit analyses on crops. #
  • I would like some bedrest to re-read all those exact books. Just a little bedrest, though. I dont wish to make light of it b/c bedrest hard. #
  • Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie book discussion at Bonny Glen: #
  • Other people in Target seemed to find it amusing when Scott called me, causing David Cassidy to start singing on my phone. #
  • I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of? #
  • It’s a reading-books kind of dinner. Kids reading: The Way Things Work, Half-a-Moon Inn, The Ransom of Red Chief. #
  • My three oldest have just left for another adventure. I miss them already. #
  • The baby just sneezed on the 5-yr-old’s leg. 5yo: “Aaaahhh! Help! He got bless-you on me!” #
  • Youngest twitterer ever? #
  • Santa Claus visited my house yesterday. Who knew he shopped at Costco? #
  • Alone this week with my three youngest. Seems SO STRANGE to have only five-and-unders. #
  • By noon: cleaned bathroom, took kids shoe shopping, returned phone battery, picked up stuff BIL left at hotel. Unaccustomed to efficiency. #

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