Twitterlog 2009-07-13

July 13, 2009 @ 4:49 pm | Filed under:
  • My 3yo on public display of affection: “That’s percusting.” #
  • Blog search hit of the day: “spell the sound of sticking out your tongue.” #
  • Jane’s new dentist, upon seeing us enter, en masse, w/ double stroller & baby in sling: “Good Lord, it’s a preschool.” #
  • It is ridiculous the degree of affection I feel for this specific shade of pink nail polish on my toes. #
  • Overheard: 14yo: “Do you need help pouring the milk?” 3yo: “Nope.” 14yo: “Are you sure?” 3yo: “I don’t want to be sure.” #
  • I just got hit with a wave of nostalgia for the old AOL “you’ve got mail” chime. Gmail, you could at least say hello once in a while. #
  • 3yo found reading big fat YA novel. “This is my faborite book.” 3 min later, book is cast aside in disgust. “I don’t like it. It has WORDS.” #
  • I just typoed the word “investigated” as “investigested.” I kind of like it. #
  • Spent last 2 hrs wearing a necklace on my head as crown b/c I am (so the 3yo says) Mommy Princess. Forgot about it til it fell in dishwasher #
  • Eye doctor: “Well, you don’t need bifocals *yet*…” I do not care for your italics, sir, not one bit. #
  • Rilla has spent the past 20 sitting in an armchair licking a little piece of Japanese candy with all the intensity her 3yo self can muster. #
  • For which: thank you @kristensays ! #
  • Ahh, summer. Kids played Wii all morning; baby took long nap so I got to garden. Later: gym, pool, water slide, deliver meal to priests. #
  • For now: cinnamon bears & Farm Town while I try to figure out what I’m cooking. Am thinking a big orzo salad. Too hot for oven. No AC! #

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