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  1. Jennifer says:

    Is that a cornflower? I don’t recognize it right off, but that blue is gorgeous. I hope we get a follow up shot.

  2. monica says:

    i keep meaning to share this book with you. it is beautiful and your family will especially love it. the prince of butterflies by bruce corville. one of those where i am reading to the kids and crying at the same time.

    heres the link

  3. Beth says:


    You’re growing eyeballs, now?

    (I do wonder, at times, if my sense of humor translates well, or at all, via the internets ….).

  4. Melissa Wiley says:

    Beth, hover your mouse over the photo so the alt title pops up, and you’ll see that you and I share the same sense of humor…. 🙂

    Monica, that book is going on our TBR list!!

    Jenn, I don’t know WHAT it is! I scattered a bag of mixed wildflower seeds, and it’s one of them. The little white flowers around the milkweed in all my photos are also from that mix. I know there are grape soda lupines in there, and poppies, but this of course is neither of those. Waiting for it to bloom so I can look it up!

  5. lickona says:

    My first thought: She’s growing the Eye of Sauron!

  6. Beth says:

    *laughs* Okay, good.