Breaking News for Dragon Con Attendees

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Check out the comment Scott just left on my last post:

Brian says that the first person to mention Here in the Bonny Glen [at Dragon Con] will get the Here in the Bonny Glen Special: a free Brian Stelfreeze sketch. Ask him for a sketch and prepare to be stunned by its gorgeousness. And challenge him: ask him to draw the undrawable and watch as the guy who calls 7-point-perspective “child’s play” somehow manages to draw it anyway.

I told you Brian Stelfreeze was a sweetheart! I gotta tell you, comics fans will be green with envy over this incredible coup for Bonny Glen readers. In fact, I know a lot of industry professionals who’ll be jealous. Brian, if you’re reading this, thanks a million. Wish I were going to be there myself!

Bonus peek at Brian Stelfreeze art: This is Brian’s cover for Detective Comics #726, the 700th time Batman appeared in Detective (where he made first-ever appearance in 1939). “Detective Comics” is the DC in DC Comics, of course. (A very young Jane was the model for the child depicted here—that’s your little piece of comics trivia for the day.)


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  1. mamacrow says:

    ‘A very young Jane was the model for the child depicted here’ that is SO COOL!