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Hi there! Happy you stopped by!

Here are a few quick links to help you get to know me & the Bonny Glen gang:

Info on my Little House books
(and another post about writing Martha)

My book Hanna’s Christmas

New books coming in 2012:

• a middle-grade novel to be published by McElderry

Fox and Crow Are Not Friends, early reader forthcoming from Random House

More on those coming soon!

If you have questions about my books or anything else, please do visit my FAQ page!

As for this space, my dear old blog: I’ve been writing at Here in the Bonny Glen since January 2005. I write about my reading life, my writing life, and my life as the mother of a half a dozen bookworms ages 16 to 2. My husband is a writer of comic books and children’s books, and together the eight of us are a noisy, chaotic, adventurous bunch.

• A few favorite posts:
—you should definitely meet my Bosom Buddies
—and those awful Junkyard Dogs
—and here’s a kind of meditation on museums, moving, and interconnectedness: Helixes
—“Who’s on Surp?
—my trip to Barcelona
some books I adore

• If you’re interested in our “tidal homeschooling” lifestyle, here’s a post to start with, and lots more here.

I also write for GeekMom.

Hope you’ll stick around and chat. I love conversation.