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Things I Am Doing

November 30, 2010 @ 6:29 am | Filed under:

(In lieu of a post, a list)

Reading CYBILs books, spose that goes without saying.

Reading to Rilla a lot: current favorites include CRAZY HAIR*, THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA, and the word-perfect MORE MORE MORE SAID THE BABY.

Working through the ASL lessons at Lifeprint (again). This is a thing I do periodically with languages. German and ASL, several times a year, each. A week or three of intense immersion and then life whisks me elsewhere.  ASL is my boy’s other language, and although he uses English as his primary, he tends to sign along with a lot of what he is speaking—especially fingerspelling names and such. He spells so rapidly I can barely read it.

Playing Lexulous (speaking of being back on a kick).

Not gardening, and I’m not sure why! This is usually a busy time of year for me in my bee garden. Cool enough to dig, but not cold, and enough rain to make things actually be green.

Working on this one thing, and that other thing. (She said cryptically.)

Amusing myself with this post, and almost certainly no one else.

Listening to this song over and over.

*Not Scary Hair as I posted at first. I’m the one with scary hair this morning. Must have been projecting.