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Betsy-Tacy Interview Link

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That was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who called or wrote in with questions. Here’s the podcast for those of you who couldn’t listen live. And don’t miss BookClubGirl’s follow-up post, which is chock-full of links and notes about the things we discussed.

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Betsy-Tacy Blogtalkradio Interview Today

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At 7pm Eastern time, 4pm my time, Mitali Perkins and I will join Jennifer Hart (aka BookClubGirl) on air for a discussion of all things Betsy-Tacy. Emily of Deep Valley! Carney’s House Party! The true color of apple blossoms!

You can even call in and ask questions. I am really hoping you will call! From Jennifer:

Be sure to register on the site before 7 on Monday so that you can participate in the chat from the beginning. You can also call in and ask questions directly by dialing 347-945-6149 during the show.

Click here for more info.

Now I just have to figure out what to wear.


(Although actually there is a right way to dress for radio, or a wrong way at least. On my first radio interview ever, back in 1998—this was before internet radio, so I mean radio-radio in a radio station—I happened to be wearing a bead necklace and when I leaned forward, the beads clickety-clacked against my mic and made a horrible racket. Fortunately we weren’t live. They had me take off the necklace and redo that part of the interview. So note to self: no beads tomorrow. Hahaha. As if any necklace could survive the grabbyhands of Huck.)