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Scott: Whatcha doing?

Me: Oh, just a little housekeeping.

Scott: Who are you and what have you done with my wife?

Me: No, I mean in my sidebars.

Scott: Aha. It all becomes so clear!

Seems like every year as the calendar rolls over, I feel the need to do a little pruning and sprucing here on the blog. For those of you who read me mainly in a feed reader, here’s what’s new: a trio of booklists in the righthand sidebar. One is my running list of 2010 Cybils finalists for the Cybils Shortlist Reading Challenge I mentioned yesterday; one will be an ongoing record of our family read-alouds, including picture books read to the small fry; and the third is my own 2011 booklog. All three of these lists are imported from my Delicious account, if you’d rather peek at them there. The pertinent Delicious tags are cybilschallenge, rillabooks, and booklog, respectively.

This is also the time of year when I take a look at how I’m using social media and try to streamline a bit. I enjoy poking around various platforms to see what they’ve got to offer, but of course for practical use it’s best to keep things simple. I tend to layer and layer and layer and then chuck it all and start afresh. (Jane teased me the other day about my profound devotion to the fresh start, the clean slate. She is so right.)

So—this year I’ve decided I’m tired of having my shareworthy links scattered between Google Reader Shared Items and Delicious. I’ll just stick with Delicious. That means shareworthy links and booklogs are on Delicious now. One-stop shopping.

I’ll keep using Tumblr to record stuff I read online that I don’t necessarily want to share but do want to be able to find again myself. That worked really well for me in 2010.

I’m kind of in love with TeuxDeux, a clean, uncluttered, week-at-a-glance to-do list. You can easily drag tasks from one day to the next or click to cross them out when they’ve been accomplished.

Where else to find me: Twitter. My Facebook author page. And here.

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  1. COD says:

    Just in case you missed the news in December, Yahoo has fired all the developers and is trying to sell the site. It’s liable to go bye-bye on short notice if they can’t find a buyer. So you might want to export your bookmarks every couple of weeks as a backup.

  2. Melissa Wiley says:

    AAAAAAHHHHH! Thanks for the heads-up. I had no idea. Argh. Who do you like for bookmarking, Chris?

  3. Melissa Wiley says:

    Aha. I poked around a bit and it looks like Diigo is lobbying for Delicious users. I know people who like Diigo but hadn’t bothered checking it out because I felt like I was spread across enough networks as it is. But maybe an import would be prudent…

  4. COD says:

    I switched to Google Bookmarks – but they are way behind on the sharing / blog integration stuff, so it’s really just usable for my personal link list for now. A lot of my friends moved over to pinboard at