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Rilla has joined the legions of children who think Laura and Mary’s pig-bladder balloon is the most fascinating and disgusting thing she ever heard of.

I still remember how long and hard I used to study that picture. That and the pig’s tail. So squicky, so delicious-sounding!

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    Jennifer says:

    That passage (and a few others from the Big Woods) totally turned me off on Little House for about two years. We finally just decided to skip a good chunk of that book. Not for the squeamish.

  2. Avatar

    Penny says:

    I remember looking at that picture as a little girl and thinking “really? ewwwwww”

    How wonderful for Rilla. Such a rite of passage for folks like us to pass Laura on to folks like her 🙂 Enjoy every word!

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    Emily D. says:

    I thought it looked awesome. And it also has to be MUCH sturdier than a current type balloon. And the pig’s tail! That always sounded good to me. Like bacon!

  4. Avatar

    Tina says:

    My kids at school are always amazed by that. Sometimes they don’t know what a bladder is so it totally disgusts them after I explain everything.