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Well! I didn’t mean to absent myself from the blog for so many days, but Christmas will do that to you. I hope you’ve all had lovely holidays. Ours was mellow and merry: just right. But I fear the wave of strep that flattened so many of us two weeks ago is making a resurgence. Two wicked sore throats here today, and one of them is Scott’s. For poor Beanie, it’s round two. Not good. It may continue to be quiet here for a bit…

Not to mention, tonight is my Cybils panel’s Big Discussion to finalize our shortlist! I’ve been reading like crazy and have a few last books to finish this morning between rounds of soothing fevered brows.

But here, I won’t leave you with nothing. Over at GeekMom, we’ve been talking about Pinterest. This was my take:

It’s funny, for all I’m such a social media junkie, Pinterest hasn’t grabbed me. I occasionally crosspost my “daily swoon” G+ posts there, but when I start clicking around other people’s pins, it pretty much just creates a mountain of want–so much gorgeousness out there to admire and yearn for!

But I have a number of friends who have never been keen on Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc—but they love Pinterest, LOVE it. I think part of it, for me, is that I’m a word person, not a picture person. When I go to Twitter, I’m sucked right in. So many conversations! I’m in heaven. But Pinterest doesn’t absorb me in that way. I get overwhelmed by all the beautiful visuals and find myself clicking away.

OK, now I’m LOL because I just went to Pinterest to follow those of you who’ve chimed in on this thread, and the first post I saw was this one about how to draw hair.  Which I know my manga-drawing daughters will be interested in—so it just occurred to me to create a pinboard especially for them, a place where I can share things they’ll enjoy. Now *that* I might be able to get into…

Other GeekMoms are using Pinterest in clever and useful ways, and by the end of our discussion I was really starting to warm to the site. My new “Stuff for My Kids” pinboard (where I’ve begun sticking things I think they’ll be interested in) may prove quite useful—if I remember to use it.

(Big if.)

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  1. Shonda says:

    I’m so sorry strep is making the rounds. One year we just couldn’t get rid of it and, (I will spare you the details but), we had to make several office visits for shots. Turned out one of our kids was the carrier and while he was not symptomatic, he kept the strep alive and well in our home and kept passing it to his siblings. Our daughter even had to have her tonsils removed due to having strep 5 months in a row. Just fyi in case you need to investigate if there is a “carrier” in your midst!

  2. Ellie says:

    Oh the horrors of strep. Well do I remember the lost weeks (months?!) of my childhood, given over to that illness …. However and oddly, none of my children have ever had it. My heart goes out to you!

  3. Michele Q. says:

    Love Pinterest, LOVE it. But I am very visual so that’s probably a big part of the appeal. I like what Laura over at Geek Mom said about it being like “moseying through a quiet gallery of images, each one ready to tell you more with a click”. And she’s right, there’s a very peaceful vibe there. I can easily follow and unfollow without any drama. I left FB, G+ and Twitter but I am loving Pinterest!

  4. Michele Q. says:

    Oh, meant to say I am sorry to hear about the strep. ‘Tis the season I guess. We’ve been sick here too but with a nasty 2 weeks or more stomach flu. Praying y’all are better soon and that the rest of the season is healthful!

  5. Kimberlee says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you! So sorry you’re having a strep-go-round. (We went through that a few years ago, and couldn’t kick it until we dosed all nine of us with antibiotic simultaneously.) Hope you all feel better soon! Strep is nasssty.