Michelin Baby

April 23, 2009 @ 7:20 am | Filed under: Baby, Huck, Photos


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  1. Oh MY! I might just buy another ticket out so I could squeeze those chubby legs. So sweet!!!

  2. Utterly delicious. (I love how much your kids look alike — they do in photos, anyway).

  3. Oh those sweet, sweet baby fat legs and arms!

  4. Oh deliciousness! Hunka chunka chocolate legs!

  5. Adorable! Love those chunky breastfed legs! There’s skin in there that’s never seen the light of day!

  6. Oh! Oh! Oh! Can we get some butter for those rolls? So squeezable!!!

  7. So so delicious!!!! What a beautiful family you have.

  8. Hehehehehehe! πŸ™‚ Chubby baby legs!

  9. too cute

  10. We used to call my Mary Rose ‘Booga Chubbers’ but your Michelin Man has her way beat. Must be all that good chocolate you eat. Gorgeous photo besides.

  11. Oh, what is it about babies — they all have a “beefy” stage for some reason!

    I am happy to subscribe to your blog. We will be taking a trip soon. I was very tickled with myself for adding your blog to my Google reader account.

  12. Oops. My link above is broken! Here is the correct one.

  13. You’ve obviously been reading books that you can’t put down while nursing! πŸ˜‰ He’s adorable!!!!

  14. Oh.



    You are clearly giving him the good stuff.

  15. Oh he’s simply scrumptious!

  16. oh my is he ever cute!

  17. I always used to love the thought that, until we added solid food, I had managed to grow the entire child all by myself. Ah, the hubris of a bf’ing mom. πŸ™‚

  18. It IS so amazing, Sue, isn’t it?!

    Lissa……he is so adorable! I hope to meet him before he turns one…not sure when that will happen!

    God bless!

    PS…..we cannot WAIT to start playing in the backyeard…if it would just warm up and stay warm here!

    Love, chari