Poetry Friday: The Huck Edition

November 19, 2010 @ 12:16 pm | Filed under: Poetry

Today’s Poetry Friday contribution is brought to you by my 22-month-old. Visit Random Noodling for this week’s roundup.

Olympian Heights

Four blocks. Five. Six. Seven.
Look, universe, and marvel: Heaven
Is closer now.
Nothing’s not in reach.

Eight, and if the crash
Comes, all the better.
Hold construction for a moment!
Mom’s phone, her full mug—
The fit is perfect, the splash
Not to seem smug
But I’m confident
She’ll be pleased

Or lively, at least:
Her fire-red wail
Loud as my fine red truck
They flew to fridge-top
Last night at dinner.

Now I see: I’m Hercules;
That truck’s my next labor,
Since I’ve conquered the blocks.

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  1. (I hope the formatting works on that last line. If you have a non-white background on your reader, it’s going to look weird.)

  2. Hahaha! My nephew is juuuuust about there. He’s climbed the bookshelf so far, and what a fine crash grandma’s pottery pumpkin made! New heights! New heights, I say!


  3. I love it! Especially the formatting on that last line. But also especially the cell phone in the mug. To rhyme with smug. Oh toddler boys are such a delight.

  4. Oh, so fun. I vicariously live “raising boys” through my friends. 🙂

  5. Oh, Lissa. Words love you. And I love the “fire-red wail” alongside with the “fine red truck”. Heck, I love it all. Huck, I love it all. A.

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