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First, a little St. Patrick’s day present for you:

HT: my SIL Susan

Plus a couple of links that caught my eye.

A Curiosity-Driven Education – E.D. Kain – American Times – Forbes

“The students ranged from gifted to near-drop-outs. They wrote their own curriculum, took no tests, worked independently and collaboratively, and designed from the ground up how and what they would learn for a semester. By all accounts, their efforts were a huge success.”

Board games for family fun

This list of board game recommendations is a couple of years old, but there are a few there we haven’t tried, and I’d like to.

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  1. Elizabeth M says:

    Can I just suggest you take a look at my husband’s blog? He writes on games periodically for the National Catholic Register but has been covering games for nearly 20 years.

    His blog covers board games, card games, apps, and some video games (which is most of his magazine work). Not all games are family oriented, but he points out which are:

    (Sorry if I’ve mentioned it before here, but I don’t think I have.)

    We really love family games and with our daughter now 10 and son 13, we can play more and more interesting games all together. It’s nice to get beyond the kiddie games!

  2. Melissa Wiley says:

    Ooh, thank you for the link! I will certainly check it out.