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June 22, 2006 @ 4:09 pm | Filed under:

The children were eating dinner: pasta with pesto, peas, parmesan, and (to spoil the alliteration) bacon.

“Mmmm,” Beanie said, inhaling deeply. “It smells so good.”

“Sure does,” Jane agreed. “It smells like heaven.”

Beanie’s eyebrows rose. “Heaven smells like bacon?”

“Hmm, you’re right,” Jane amended, “that can’t be it. I bet heaven smells like…like ice cream!”

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  1. Cate says:

    Pasta with pesto, peas, parmesan,and…prochiutto? And…pork? And…pig?

    And believe it or not:

  2. Karen E. says:

    Heaven *might* smell like bacon. I have no problem with that. 🙂

  3. Theresa says:

    Ok, like ice cream… but what FLAVOR????

  4. Amy says:

    LOL! Thanks for my chuckle of the morning! That was so cute!

  5. Joann says:

    Next time, use pancetta. 🙂