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October 6, 2006 @ 7:45 am | Filed under:

I will just write titles and let you fill in the blanks. Like:

Spilled milk is blue under blacklights


Pinkeye and red nose


It’s really cold in the parking lot at three in the morning

(Note to self: don’t leave contact lens case in car.)

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  1. Leslie in Springfield says:

    Spilled milk and blacklights– you travel with blacklights? Really?

    Pinkeye and red nose- oh, no! I’m so sorry. I guess it would be worse if it is the driver that’s afflicted, but sick kid(s) on a long journey is/are no fun either. I hope it heals quickly!

    Cold parking lots– once you get to California, you can park your contact case at home and enjoy a very warm fall/winter. In the meantime, keeping the contact case in your purse might help.

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