John Stossel Is Unavailable for Comment

October 4, 2007 @ 7:46 pm | Filed under:

Sashwee had a question for Mr. Stossel after yesterday’s post.

Would Mr. Stossel, I wonder, be willing to recommend some starter music for a baby? Stimulating but not too stimulating if you know what I mean?

Sashwee, I tried to reach him but he can be hard to pin down for questioning. (I guess he prefers to be on the left side of the question mark.)

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  1. Diane says:

    I LOVE a family that is not afraid to let its kookiness shine for the whole world wide web to see!

    Please thank John for his advice. Maybe now we can finally move on from The Water Buffalo Song.

    But, Melissa, I must ask….does Scott know about John?

  2. Angela N. says:

    I am loving the music recommendations–I love classical but I seem to be picky and never can figure out what else to buy. My favorite is Bach, The Goldberg Variations—-know of any “more like this”? (Amazon and other sources have not helped!) I have only been met with disappointments. I seem to always go back to being a one-record woman.

    Though it could be that Bach is simply incomparable. I could imagine that might, indeed, just be the case.

  3. sashwee says:

    Oy! What fun!
    Poifekt, Poifekt! I’m so happy to get the recommendations and will scurry away to get the CDs. So glad to get tips on which recordings to look for. Thanks ever so much. I may, in my gratitude, even try the ambient Eno (without letting on to T. Mgmt., of course).

  4. Lindsay says:

    We liked Gregorian Chant for a slumbering baby, or a mom in need of a nap. Very soothing.

  5. john stossel's mustache says:

    Ooh! John Stossel’s mustache thinks Gregorian is a fine suggestion and wishes it had thought of it itself.

  6. Karen's boy says:

    I have no clever avatar from which to lauch a thousand japes, but I must concur with the Satie recommendations, particularly Gymnopodie # 1, 2, and 3.


    I’d avoid the Carmina Burana.

  7. Still Karen's boy says:

    P.S. There’s also a lovely little piece of music known as the “Nebraska Suite” by Rick Kuethe. Perfectly reminiscent of a hot, white-sky afternoon on the plains.

  8. Colleen says:

    Lissa–You crack me up and educate me at the same time. What more could a mom in desperate need of a break and a little inspiration ask.

  9. Meredith says:

    This is hysterical, great friday laugh!! Bless John Stossel, er I mean mustache man 🙂

  10. heather says:

    Thanks for the laugh!!

  11. sashwee's 'stache says:

    The one thing that Sashwee’s ‘stache had come up with was Gregorian chant. Hildegard of Bingen for nap and bedtime. But now we need some variety.

  12. Helen (MaryVitamin) says:

    I’ve been thinking about the question of classical music for preschoolers and I have been testing some theories out on my children. It’s been a fun way to listen to music with the children.

    If I can summon the energy, I would love to make a blog post about it. But, in the meantime, for Angela N., a surprise winner with my preschoolers was a CD with Bach violin concertos. (I think this might be considered similar to the Goldberg variations.)

    Here’s an amazon link: