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Fascinating video by caricaturist John Kascht as he walks us through his process for a drawing of Conan O’Brien. It’s about half an hour long and I’ve been watching in ten-minute chunks. I still have another segment to go but there’s much to discuss in this already. One particularly interesting bit for me is when Kascht takes time to sculpt a bust of Conan on his way to capturing his face on paper. I always wind up following so many byways as I work on a story, often winding up with hundreds of pages that don’t make it into the final manuscript but were vital in helping shape the tale, so it was interesting and fun for me to see a visual artist taking rabbit trails of his own.

Via Drawn.

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  1. MelanieB says:

    I love watching the work in process. Like you say, the rabbit trails which are fascinating in their own right. Interesting how much of it is a commentary not on how Conan looks but who he is, a depth I’d never have suspected just by looking at the drawings.

    Also interesting to me because I’ve actually been in the same room as Conan. I was working for a caterer and was waiting tables at some charity dinner where Conan was the keynote speaker.

  2. Margaret in MN says:

    TOO cool. The kids and I (and, occasionally, the multitasking husband, whom you REMEMBER), were transfixed.

    We got as far as the sculpted head, whereupon I was reminded of the one *I* did in 10th grade.

    John Belushi.

    Where’d he go?

    (The sculpted head, that is.)

    Thanks for the link, Liss!