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When you comment on a post (here or elsewhere), do you come back later to see if anyone has replied to you?

Do you subscribe to the comment feed? Here, you can sub to the comment thread of each individual post, or to all the comments in general.

Some blogs—I see it most often on Blogger—offer email notification of comments. I seldom subscribe to those, though: it can mean too much mail. I’m more likely to subscribe to the post’s comment feed, if that option exists.

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  1. Christine M says:

    When I comment here I come back and check. On blogger, I often will request email notification of comments. Sometimes it depends on the comment – if all I’ve done is offer someone congratulations, I won’t check back. If I’ve contributed to the conversation, I will.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Mamalion says:

    When I comment, I do come back and check to see if someone’s replied. I deliberately don’t subscribe to comment feed, since I don’t need any more emails! And I get annoyed at my ‘fave sites’ marker for saying there’s a post update when there are just new comments. I have such limited internet time, I have to pick and choose. I also do read people’s shared items on a few of the blogs I really like- E Foss and A Voskamp for sure.

    Twittered and Recent Comments are good too, Recent Posts, not so much, since most likely I’ve already read them! And searchable posts are good- I like going back and reading the Tidal Homeschooling posts- they make me double check that I’m still on track! 🙂

  3. Charlotte (Matilda) says:

    Since I seldom remember to go back and check I usually try to choose the email notification of comments when that’s an option. Every email you receive has attached a way to unsubscribe when that conversation gets old or too involved, but then again, I’m not someone who gets hundreds of regular emails a day so it’s not that burdensome. I don’t know that I’ve ever subscribed to comment feed. Since I use Gmail for email, I like that it puts comments on the same post mostly altogether so that I can scroll through them all in a row. Hope that helps!

  4. Karen@Candid Diversions says:

    I don’t really, unless I asked a question or it’s a truly favorite (or controversial) topic. I dislike getting too much email and it doesn’t seem like there’s a middle ground for keeping up with blog conversations: either you commit to following a thread (in Google reader or email) or you don’t (and risk missing some great conversation).

  5. Jennifer says:

    I forget to go back, and I do not usually sub to comments because they can be soooo many on popular blogs like yours. I have used Google Reader for reading comments for one or two blogs.

    But generally, I don’t usually read the comments in most places. I know that’s a key way for some discussions and feedback on blogs, but so often they get derailed, hot, or just annoying that I usually choose to bypass.

  6. MFS says:

    I comment so infrequently that it’s usually easiest for me just to leave the post open in a window and refresh periodically.

    If that proves inconvenient, I subscribe to the comment thread.


  7. Lisa D. says:

    I come back to check the comments. But perhaps it is time to try subscribing to comments in Google reader…

  8. Penny says:

    I comment and then I forget I ever did. Such is my life. Sometimes, if I ask a question, and I *remember* I’ve asked it, I come back to check.

    I honestly don’t comment much anymore, except here, because a) I love books, and b) you have cute kids. Anyone else I read pretty much knows I agree with them anyway (I’m thinking of YOU Sarah from NZ) lol.

  9. Willa says:

    I’ve just recently been trying to comment more on other peoples’ blogs, and also reply to people who have commented on mine. So recently, I’m more likely to go back and check to see if the blogger replied to the comment I left. I guess in the past I didn’t really understand the whole combox idea very well so if I commented on another person’s blog it was just something like “Great post” or “thanks”.

  10. sarah says:

    Sometimes I will go back and check if I have asked a question, partipated in a dialogue, or written something really stupid I am later embarrassed about. But if it’s just an acknowledgement comment – you know, the “Loved this post” type – I don’t check back.

  11. MelanieB says:

    I’ve probably already covered this question in the other thread; but put me in the category of “can’t remember to go back and check the thread” if there isn’t a way to subscribe. But I like to have conversations. When I first discovered comment syndication, it was a Godsend.

  12. Hannah @ A Quiet Spot says:

    At your blog, I sometimes come back to check because I know this is the way you usually answer questions or acknowledge my particularly witty comments (HA! Kidding.) Other blogs, less so due to time constraints. Some bloggers do have that option where you can be notified IF they’ve replied to your comment, and that’s nice. Others email you to respond.
    I always wonder whether I should email people or respond in my comments section … and then if I respond to one person, do I need to respond to everyone? Argh.

  13. Melissa Wiley says:

    That *was* a witty comment, and I hereby acknowledge it. 😉

  14. patricia says:

    I don’t usually take the time to go back, unless it was a particularly impassioned comment!

    I appreciate that on Typepad blogs, when a blogger responds to a comment, an automatic email goes to that commenter–and just that commenter–containing the response. So I do that on my own. When I respond to a comment on my blog, I copy the response. Since WordPress sends me an email whenever someone posts a comment to my blog, I just hit “reply” to that sender’s email, paste in my copied response and send. Takes me about ten seconds.

    If I’ve taken the time to respond to a reader, I want them to see it! And I think my readers tend to leave meatier comments as a result. Love those meaty comments!

  15. Ellie says:

    I’ve always responded to each comment on my blogs. So they’ve always had a conversational, give and take, flow to them. One of my reader friends once described my comments threads as being secret gardens. There’s the post, but then there are the comments, two different things to read, in the end.

    I don’t comment too often … Sometimes more than others, and generally only at blogs that I read very regularly. I pretty much always check back, either because I know that it’s a place where there’s a conversation going on (or likely to), or because I am familiar enough with the readership of that blog that I am interested in reader others’ responses, or because I know the blogger is the type to respond.

  16. Fe says:

    I’m a ‘don’t always remember to get back to check’ person… so I generally select the email notification option. I _have_ subscribed to your comment thing in Reader—but I don’t usually get to checking it (I need to do a cull fairly urgently:-( )