Serious business

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So today I wrote this thing and then I wrote that thing, and then I spent a long time on that other thing, the result of which is that I didn’t finish writing this thing here. So all I have to report today is a long, amusing moment waiting outside Trader Joe’s while Huck painstakingly read the entire cautionary messaging on the seat of the shopping cart.

serious business


My favorite bit: “ALWAYS buckle up child in cart and fasten seriously.”

You probably can’t make it out in the photo, but what it really says is “fasten securely.” But Huck’s version certainly made sense to him. He took these instructions very seriously indeed and stoutly refused to stand on the end of the cart as is our usual arrangement. No, Mommy, look at the picture. (Pointing to another placard on the end of the cart.) The circle with the line through it means NO STANDING. 

He’s getting too big to ride up front, but today he insisted, and he buckled the seatbelt both securely and seriously.

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  1. Amy says:

    Serious business! But seriously, 🙂 TJ’s carts seem to tip over extra easily, even fro standing on the end. I’ve caught one in mid tip myself and my son wasn’t being rambunctious or anything, just standing there.

  2. Karen Edmisten says:

    Oh, I love that boy.

  3. Emily D. says:

    He is adorable.

  4. Ellie says:


    My Joshua was so wee, and also nervous about walking through the grocery store untethered, that he rode in the seat — buckled securely and seriously 🙂 — until he was eight!!

    (At which point, my brain tumor, and I could no longer grocery shop, and his grandmother and older brother made him walk! He was displeased).

  5. Jennifer Gregory Miller says:

    My boys say one of the pictures looks like “no praying.” Those carts are extremely tippy. And way too small.

  6. tanita says:

    One of the cutest phases the Little got into was the Rule Abider. I watched the niece and the nephews get to it at about five; my baby sister … (has she ever left it?) at about three. My brother… er, never got there. But reading rules and abiding by them is so important, for awhile… (and then they try and figure out how NOT to abide by them, which is a different life skill entirely.) Good luck to Huck as he takes it all … Seriously.