May 12, 2006 @ 10:09 am | Filed under: Family Adventures

Because, you know, who expects to see

a dead mouse

in a frisbee

on the welcome mat?

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  1. Agh!

  2. We had a dead mouse in our front garden right by the steps last week. At least that’s better than the live mice in the pantry we’ve had over the years! (Now we have a pest service!)

  3. Better than half a dead mouse, which is what we’ve been finding lately.

    Love those cats.

  4. So glad you skipped the photo on this one…

  5. Unfortunately I have come to expect a dead animal on the porch on a regular basis around here. It never gets any easier to stomach.

  6. Yuck!

  7. Dead mouse, in frisbee, the rats of Nimh???