November 3, 2006 @ 2:38 pm | Filed under: The Cross-Country Move

• The missing shelf pegs (right after Scott bought more and we opened the packages).

• The salt and pepper shakers (right after I bought new ones). (Cheap ones, though.)

• My beloved Tastefully Simple seasoned salt!

• My Adagio teas, hooray!

• But not my IngenuiTea teapot, argh.

• The hardware for putting my loom back together (gulp).

• But then I lost it again.

• I mean, I put it away.

• Somewhere.

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  1. Lissa,

    You’re doing great — I’ve been here since the end of August and we’re still looking for things “I KNOW I put somewhere”…..


  2. Lissa:

    Sorry you are having trouble finding things! I am glad that you mentioned the Adagio teas, though. I am in the habit of brewing myself up a cup of tea, now that the weather is getting nippier. I was searching for that link you gave for the teas, oh, maybe a year ago! I added it to my Christmas list!

  3. I go through that every two years!!! Usually the Army makes us, but this time around we moved on our own. I can SO feel your pain. You’re doing a great job.

  4. Oh My! Is the IngenuiTea pot as cool as it looks! You have solved many Christmas gift giving needs!!
    It is facinating to me the rabbit trails you can lead me on that have such postive results. Life is fun. I thank you for the many directions. Where you find the energy to guide your family and your blog listeners is an inpiration.
    Blessings to you and your family for the courage to change.
    Great to be silently part of your journey.

    PS Journey North is another wonderful experience we would not have had if not for your blog.

  5. I haven’t even moved, and I misplace things all the time! What’s MY excuse?!?!?! LOL!

  6. So glad you’ve located the seasoned salt. Now it’s time to scramble some eggs!