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February 16, 2007 @ 7:31 am | Filed under: Bloggity

If you’re reading this on my blog itself (as opposed to your RSS reader), you’ll see there’s something new in my lefthand sidebar. I’ve been experimenting with Google Reader lately, comparing it to Bloglines, and yesterday I discovered (courtesy of Mom’s Daily Dose) the "Share" function of Google Reader, and oh boy, it’s great.

I had already decided to declutter my sidebars soon. I will probably ditch most of my blogrolls in favor of the Share widget. It updates automatically with the individual posts I’ve read and enjoyed—such as Dawn’s wonderful Late Winter Field Day, which went up today. Gorgeous collection of gorgeous posts.

Also worth sharing is CityMom’s request for suggestions for her Very Good Books project. If you lived in a small Manhattan apartment with four little ones and not much space, what books would you consider important enough to own?

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  1. That’s funny – I just added one of those to the Love2learn blog a few days ago. My sister introduced me to it. It’s a wonderful feature!!!

  2. I love it too – I’m going to try to work on figuring that out.

  3. Thank you so much for the link, Lissa! (And the kind words!) 🙂

  4. Just what I’ve been looking for!
    It seems to work much better for me than the others I have tried…
    Now to get it to work in my blog:-)

  5. THAT is very cool!

  6. I agree, blog rolls can get out of hand. I was determined to keep my sidebar uncluttered when I started blogging, but I keep finding great sites that I want to share with my readers. Thanks for the suggestion!