Links for March 25, 2008

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    Sorry, kids, I’ll be needing your college funds (and a whole lot more)


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  1. Lissa, I read that article about Wal-Mart back when it was first published in Fast Company, and have since read the Wal-Mart Effect (which is a book, though I listened to it and it felt more like a long lecture from college or something). Gets you thinking…

  2. I love the hobbit socks!

  3. Great links Lissa. It seems that ice chunk was actually seven times the size of Manhattan. Wow! That is one big piece of ice!!

  4. I wish I didn’t know that Wal-Mart but I do, sigh.

    What I really don’t like, and probably the most effective antidote to my shopping there in the nearby little city, is that they are taking out the cashiers and replacing them with “check yourself out” stations. I know these are more prevalent in bigger, more urban areas but I can’t stand them, or what they represent.

    And of course at the airport in the big city, not only do we have to check ourselves in, but soon we’ll be loading our own luggage on the plane (so the airline can then lose it for us).

    I think I’ll just stay put on the farm and stop shopping :). Well, except for books!