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This coming weekend, Laura Ingalls Wilder fans and scholars from all over the country will gather in Mankato, MN, for the first-ever Laurapalooza Conference. I was invited to attend, but alas, I couldn’t swing a weekend away the week before Comic-Con. When your hubby’s a comic-book editor in San Diego, July is ALL ABOUT Comic-Con.

I’ll be LauraPaloozing in spirit, though, and eagerly following news of the conference on Twitter and at the Beyond Little House site.

Mankato, as you may know, is not only rich in LIW history, it’s the town on which Maud Hart Lovelace based the Deep Valley of her Betsy-Tacy books. As you can imagine, Mankato is high on my list of Places I Absolutely Must Visit Someday.

Laurapalooza speakers include LIW biographers John Miller, William Anderson, and Pamela Smith Hill. Visit Beyond Little House for more information.

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    Sara says:

    Aaargh! I want to go! We were in Mankato once and went to a museum and the old Plum Creek dugout, but I didn’t know about Betsy-Tacy then, and I hate the fact that I was there and missed out on more wonderful stuff.

    We have to go back someday.

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    Lisa says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I didn’t know your husband had such a cool job! That’s VERY interesting!

  3. Avatar

    Haley says:

    Mankato is less than two hours away from my house but I still won’t be able to make it. So sad! Living in the Twin Cities is great for many reasons, but one of the greatest is that we’re so close to so many Little House sites. (And Betsy-Tacy, too, of course!) I’m already dreaming about future family vacations…

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    Sarah S. Uthoff says:

    Sorry you couldn’t attend. Watch video of the conference here: