Road Trip Day 1

August 20, 2010 @ 9:13 pm | Filed under: ,

Wednesday, August 4th: ready to roll.

Facebook log:

Just discovered Rilla has filled her travel backpack with milkweed fluff. “So I can frow it in the air when we get there and chase it.”

Oh he’s cruel! I’m loading the car. He puts “Every Time You Go Away (You Take a Piece of Me With You)” on iTunes. ::::sob::::

Flagstaff AZ smells like pine and stars.

OK, so one teeny tiny little hiccup…I have lost my voice. Don’t know why. Don’t feel sick. Dry air? Faded gradually all day. I didn’t talk much. Luckily we know a lot of sign language but it’s hard to sign while you’re driving.

Today: chaparral to sand dunes to saguaro desert to pine forest. 17 audio chapters of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Older girls assigning one another shifts for answering the little ones’ “Are we there yet?” since I couldn’t do it myself. Strawberry lemonade. Incredible mountain view south of Flagstaff. Wired baby.


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    Amber says:

    My familu just listened to the Edward Tulane story on a car ride and loved it. My husband and I were a little weepy at the end.

  2. Avatar

    Heather says:

    That’s so funny, the part about the girls assigning shifts. My 4yr old is continually asking questions. All the time. To the point that she asks me what she is doing while she is getting dressed, brushing her teeth, drawing a picture, etc. Sometimes I get a bit weary, so when my husband is home he is the designated question answerer. Oh, and we loved Edward. A bit heavy at times, but overall lovely.

  3. Avatar

    Sue says:

    I love the way you describe Flagstaff as smelling of pine and stars. Beautiful imagery! When we went to Wisconsin we had a bit of the “are we there yet” stuff too–only my culprit is 15. We finally told him he’d know we were there when we stopped the car in Wisconsin. So after that he pestered us to know which state we were in. @@ Kids!

  4. Avatar

    Wendy in VA says:

    YES! That’s exactly what Flagstaff smells like! Dh and I spent our 2nd anniversary there 19 years ago, and I still remember the incredible smell. Thank you for the reminder. :o)