SDCC 2011 Roundup (final)

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Day 1: Quick Peek

My favorite costume: Neo-Victorian biologist (at GeekMom)

Day 2: Again with the Quick Peeks

Things My Kids Can’t Wait to See at SDCC (at GeekMom)

The Streets of San Diego (at GeekMom)

SDCC Day of Recovery

SDCC Diary: Thursday

SDCC Teen Comics Workshop (at GeekMom)—emphasis on art

SDCC Comics for Teens Recap (at GeekMom)—emphasis on writing

SDCC Diary: Friday & Saturday

Comics in the Library panel

SDCC Diary: Sunday

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    Tabatha says:

    I recognized that he was from the Yellow Submarine, and I’m not sure what crevice of my brain that information was hiding in…probably something that should have known where my keys are, but recognizes blue meanies instead.