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(Whoops, sorry for some duplicate link-posting. My Delicious plugin hadn’t been working so I manually posted links on Saturday. Now the plugin is working again and this autopost went up in the night.)

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  1. Laura Hodgins says:

    I have been reading the Kindle thing with interest. I was kind of pleased to see that it could read anything on the kindle outloud. I have a dyslexic child that loves books but we run our of audio books all the time. We love audio books. They have made her a passionate book lover. Because of the whole stress surrounding reading she used to hate then so we started with the chronicles of narnia and she has listened to hundreds now but there are so many she would love to listen to that are not audio and with seven children I can’t read fast enough to read them all to her. I was kind of hoping that the technology would improve and she could listen to things she would love to listen to without waiting for someone to read them to her. I had not thought about people not being able to sell their audio book if you could just listen to it on kindle, but from the way it sounds like it sounds (robotic) if there was an audio version we would pick that every time. We really wish the Martha and Charlotte books were audio books, let alone went further, just wishing…