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Heads up: I’m the guest on this week’s episode of the Brave Writer podcast! I had a fantastic time chatting about tidal homeschooling and other good stuff with the brilliant Julie Bogart, who became one of my very first online friends in the mid-1990s. We finally met in person at last summer’s Brave Writer Retreat. I always come away from a conversation with Julie feeling energized and happy, and this interview was no exception. Enjoy!

You can find show notes at the Brave Writer blog. As an avid podcast listener, I gotta say this is an extremely cool bonus feature—quotes and highlights from the discussion. So handy!

If you’re visiting Bonny Glen for the first time, welcome! Here are a few posts to help you get to know me:

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  1. Karen Edmisten says:

    It’s a great episode! (Of course.) 🙂

  2. Kerrie McLoughlin says:

    SO EXCITED to find you! I love Julie and am diving into the Brave Writer program this fall with our 5 kids (ages 7-16). I love what you said about comics and am walking up to our comic shop today to see what I can find for the younger two for now. You gave me so much great stuff to think about. I took a bunch of notes and am excited to read your blog as well!

  3. Julie Soul says:

    Loved the podcast!! I had read some of your blog previously but that was a wonderful reminder to come back here. I find myself being a tidal homeschooler as well and the tide is coming in. Mine are still young (almost 5 and 2) but I see this relentless pull to follow their leads because they are so young and play is learning, and yet to handle some of the more formal things that internally I feel that we should do (and it doesn’t help that my almost 5 year old loves worksheets and things like Explode the Code). Thanks for talking about this so openly so I feel less alone and so I can know that progress exists in some fashion even when I think it doesn’t. I look forward to being here more often!

  4. Julie says:

    Love, love, love the idea of tidal schooling. I too often fight against the tide while trying to live the ideal in my head but after hearing this podcast I am excited to go with the tide!!!
    Thank you for your wonderful insight!