WikiMapia, or Yet Another Way to Spend Half Your Morning on the Computer

September 8, 2006 @ 9:14 am | Filed under: Fun Learning Stuff, Geography, The Cross-Country Move

Ohhhh, this is too much fun. Scott sent us a link to the WikiMap view of the house we’ll soon be renting, and just like that, a new addiction is born. The kids and I just spent the entire morning looking at aerial views of, well, everywhere.

We found our current house in Virginia and Scott’s new California office. Look, girls, there’s Daddy’s roof! Beanie was pretty sure she could see him waving. We scouted the whereabouts of parks and libraries in the neighborhood we’re moving to next month. I may not be packed yet, but doggonit I know how to get to the library in my new hometown. And the Target, and the nearest Catholic church. Yes, we have mapped out our own little baseball diamond of essentials: first base, second base, third base, home plate. Best part: there’s a Schlotzsky’s in the infield.

And the outfield? Great googly-moogly!


And because it’s a wiki, you can add your own labels and landmarks to the map, too. People from all over the world are entering the names of churches, schools, hospitals, parks, recreation areas,  and stores. Oh, and also: Ashley’s house. I don’t know which Ashley. But her house is in my outfield.

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  1. Okay, just spent many, many minutes searching for my house and my parents’ house. Had to close it out otherwise I’d never get my work done. It was fun though!!

  2. Is that ocean in your outfield?

  3. We just starting doing something similar with our photos on flickr. They let you map out where all the photos were taken. We were able to place pictures in different buildings of our college campus, wedding photos at the church we were married at and photos along the path of our most recent nature walk. Definitely addictive.

  4. Haven’t looked at wikimap, but, with Google Earth, my beloved was able to direct me to the house he lived in in Baghdad, and I could even see clearly THE TANKS IN THE DRIVEWAY! Pretty incredible!