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    Beck says:

    I read that with some trepidation, thinking that it was going to be anti-Canadian. Quite the opposite…

    An interesting add-on is that small northern communities like mine are TOTALLY willing to pay off medical school tutitions for any young qualified doctors willing to move up. I hope it works, because there’s a SERIOUS doctor shortage in the north.

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    Erica says:

    I, sadly, don’t know anything about Canadian health care policies. I thought the article was interesting but it left me with many questions. The most important question being: What is Canada’s position on Euthanasia and end-of-life care? The article mentioned it briefly but I would like to know more. Lissa? Beck? I suppose I could research this myself, but if either of you know….. 🙂

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    Sheila says:

    I’m also a Canadian and it’s quite refreshing to see something positive about the health care system here. How did you come across this, Melissa? I’d love to know. I also have you to thank for the Once Upon A Saints books I won over at Love2Learn! You mentioned it, I went there, I won 2 books. I’m sending you a cyber hug right….now.