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April 11, 2012 @ 3:29 pm | Filed under: Books, Photos

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately. All my words are going elsewhere. 🙂 Tell you what, here’s a few thousand words for you…

(He’s investigating her loose tooth. Her first!)

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  1. Pretty soon my blogging will be down to pics, too; I somehow said “yes” to a screenplay project and have zero idea how/why/what!!?

    Loose tooth!
    You have one informed Wee Man; he will know all there is to know about all of the stages of childhood, and be quite calm about losing his own teeth. That’s what I love about younger/older sibs.

    Take care, take care. Write hard.

  2. Your children are SO beautiful.

    (and there’s another five words)

    (and another five)

    (do contractions count as one word or two?)

    Signing off now…

  3. That tooth photo is SO sweet. **melting**

    (btw, what happened to your links list, you know, the interesting articles one in the sidebar? I miss it)

  4. Whoops, Ellie, I was moving things around and I zapped it! I’ll restore it—I am genuinely delighted to know you find it useful! I wasn’t sure anyone ever clicked through! 🙂

    Those photos (which FB friends may already have seen—sorry for the repeat) are more of my fun with Instagram (and yes, I howled in dismay when I woke to the news, the other day, that FB had bought Instagram). Here’s a link to my full Instagram feed. I am trying to post a few photos a day (but only a few): one from our morning walk, and any other little moment that strikes me.

  5. Oooo! So glad to see it back, and yes I do click through. 🙂 so often you see things that I never would.